Nier Automata: The Best Places To Farm Pure Water (2024)

Nier: Automata surprised a lot of gamers when it first released back in 2017. It was definitely an upgrade from its predecessor and offered a lot more depth, specifically in its story and combat, than most highly-anticipated games from the same year. Some of this success was thanks to its engaging and rewarding upgrade system, in which players find specific parts in order to create more powerful versions of their unlocked gear. Main upgrade progression is seen through Nier Automata's manystylishweapons but the few Pods strewn throughout the adventure can also be bolstered.

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The little tag-along robots give players some added range and damage, and with a few upgrades, they can transform from mildly helpful drones into mighty useful partners. Upgrading a Pod can be a bit taxing at times, thanks to the large number of materials it takes to bump them to the next stage. Some players even find themselves banging their heads in frustration as they search endlessly for these sometimes cryptic items.

Onefrustratingly annoying material is Pure Water, which can be agonizingly difficult to obtain for some and a walk in the park for others.

Where To Get Pure Water

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Pure Water, unfortunately, only comes from one particular location: The Flooded City. What makes it such a pain to acquire is the fact that it's "random" if you'll receive any or not when picking up items strewn throughout the area. Many players will pick a particular "route" through the area, swooping by and snagging any items they see in the hopes of obtaining the seemingly rare material. Once you've grabbed everything you possibly can, you'll be able to save your game and reload the area, starting the process all over again. Some gamers report finding as many as two Pure Water in a single farming session but one seems to be the most common haul.

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Because of this, it's generally smarter to run as fast as possible, avoiding enemies and grabbing items throughout the zone until you spot your first Pure Water. After that, you'll want to immediately save and reload the zone. This will shave off any excess time you may waste searching for a potential second Pure Water, with a big chance that the item isn't even waiting for you to find it. These materials are fairly rare and you'll need to be stalwart while searching for them.

Devola's Request

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There is one other way to obtain Pure Water but it's definitely not a "farming method." Still, we felt like we should include it here since the material can be so annoying to obtain. Unfortunately, this quest isn't accessible until you are on your third playthrough and using A2, but it will save you a little time farming for Pure Water if you're planning to upgrade your Pods all the way during this particular run.

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To start Devola's Request, you'll need to speak to Devola herself in the Resistance Camp. This quest will only activate AFTER you've acquired the Fuel Filter from Pascal. The quest itself is very straight-forward and only requires players to snag:

  • 1 x Machine Oil.
  • 5 x Small Gear.
  • 5 x Stripped Screw.

Once you have the required items you can return them to Devola for your reward, which will include:

  • 3,000 G.
  • 1,670 EXP.
  • Ranged Defense Up (L).
  • Melee Defense Up (L).
  • Large Recovery.
  • Mushroom x 5.
  • And most importantly, Pure Water x 5.

Thankfully, this quest doesn't have to "start" before the items are acquired. It's very likely you'll have all if not most of them by the time you talk to Devola, which should save you a considerable amount of time.

What Is Pure Water Used For?

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Pure Water may be a hassle to get but players who rely on their Pods will be happy they took the time to snag it. The material is used to upgrade both Pod A and Pod C to Level 2. You'll need a stack of 10 Pure Water for EACH Upgrade, so thankfully you'll only need to grab around 20 of these frustrating rarities during each playthrough.

Pod A will gain the ability to fire a single large projectile when your character starts firing and Pod C will gain a 10 missile increase to its barrage. It's likely you'll get a lot more mileage out of Pod C thanks to its useful homing abilities so you may want to consider saving your initial 10 Pure Water to upgrade it first.

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Nier Automata: The Best Places To Farm Pure Water (2024)


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