French Country House Plans | Modern, Luxury, Rustic, Small (2024)

French Country House Plans | Modern, Luxury, Rustic, SmallFor centuries, France was a kingdom of many provinces, resulting in varying types of architecture, most of which now fall under.... Read More

French Country House Plans | Modern, Luxury, Rustic, SmallFor centuries, France was a kingdom of many provinces, resulting in varying types of architecture, most of which now fall under the all-encompassing umbrella of French Country design. Rooted in the rural landscape of Europe, these homes can incorporate a wide range of styles, from modest Farmhouses and country Cottage designs to magnificent villas and chateaus. Many of today's French Country house plans contain similar characteristics, including medieval English design features such as turrets, quoins, and keystones. Often, a porte cochere is incorporated into the architecture of French Country house plans; popular during the Renaissance, this was initially designed as an entrance or gateway allowing a coach or carriage to be driven through it while providing shelter for the occupants during inclement weather. Many of today's homes that feature this design element continue to use it as a shelter point. Still, occasionally, they are attached to large outdoor spaces to entertain family and friends. Not all French Country homes are highlighted with such unique styling and distinctive characteristics; many are simple designs that offer warm, rustic design elements featuring comfortable and humble roots for the homeowner's pleasure.

Single and Two Storied House Plans

The French Country style combines the best of Old World elegance with comfortable interiors. While the large majority features two stories of family-style living, plenty of single-story homes exist. These storybook homes typically offer large, well-appointed rooms for entertaining, perhaps a keeping or hearth room directly located off the kitchen, spacious sleeping quarters, and outdoor space for entertaining large gatherings of family and friends. One-story French Country plans may incorporate an open floor plan with a split bedroom plan, while two-story homes may feature main-level living space and second-story bedrooms. The floor plan may include a study, library, or overhead bonus space for easily accessible conversion space designed for relaxing or intimate entertaining.


Outdoor space has always been reflected in the French Country house style, whether a courtyard entry, often large square forecourts, or some porch. UToday'snlike their previous counterparts, which were essentially free of front porches and contained little ornamentation, today's French Country homes can now boast front-covered porches and rear porches or patios that provide casual romantic elegance when entertaining. A well-designed house plan extends and blends the indoor and outdoor living space, and the classic French door is often the focal point for this design concept. Elegantly and stately, with a hint of sophistication, this can be just the inspiration to incorporate artistic flair into the home's interior and exterior.

Luxury, Small, and Narrow Lots

Suitable for both city and Country living, French Country homes can be found in nearly every genre of lifestyle housing markets, from the gentle, rolling hills of the countryside to manor homes situated in suburbia and even urban, in-town living. This home style incorporates an endless supply of what homeowners value in housing and lifestyle choices. America's Best House Plans has committed to offering a compelling and diversified collection of French Country homes. We have a nice assortment of magnificent homes that top 15,000 square feet of living space to humble homes with just over 1,000 square feet of space, so living this lifestyle does not necessarily require an enormous plot of rural land; even city dwellers who are committed to this lifestyle are readily able to indulge their dreams.

Side Loading and Detached Garages

While many French Country plans feature porte-cochere and front courtyard entry garages, quite a few are highlighted with side loading and detached garages. Breezeways are often included in the plans as a means to connect the detached garage and offer shelter from the weather. In addition to the often front-covered entry, a smaller side-covered porch may connect the garage with the home; this is ideal for maintaining a tidy home environment while slogging off muddy shoes and clothing before entering the house. These garages are designed to match modern life in all its complexity while quickly storing your vehicles, assorted lawn equipment, and other storage items while traveling between the garage and house.

French Country homes are among the housing market's oldest and most beloved architectural design representations. They convey a sense of timeless luxury without being pretentious or flashy, just a classic and timeless sense of art revered by many for their natural Old World charm and character.

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French Country House Plans | Modern, Luxury, Rustic, Small (2024)


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