Creamy Turmeric Pasta Recipe (2024)



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Use organic turmeric powder from a trusted source and add it to the hot oil to remove the raw turmeric flavor and add ground black pepper to help the body absorb the nutrient (curcumin?) from the turmeric.


I highly recommend buying turmeric from www.diasporaco.comShe buys the root directly from farmers in India, giving them a fair price; she controls the quality of the entire process, from root to grinding. The fragrance and color of her turmeric are unlike any other turmeric I have used: when I opened the bag, the scent filled the room.


Used whipped silken tofu in place of the half-and-half, 2 tsp of turmeric, went heavy on the shallot and garlic, full amount of pasta water, and then cut the parmesan cheese to 1/2 cup. It was rich and delicious and much lower in fat.


What kind of witchcraft is this?! My mind is confused as to how this simple combination of ingredients is so tasty.P.S. I did add some black pepper in with the turmeric because the piperine aids in the absorption of curcumin (yes, more voodoo hoodoo).


This is so much better than it has any right to be. Eyeballed the measurements for a single-sized portion, tossed in some chili flakes while the garlic and shallots were cooking. Lovely, quick and delicious.

Kathryn Porterfield

Best source of spices I have found is Penzey's. If you don't have on close by, you can order online and they have weekly specials which help with mailing costs. Turmeric is $1 per 4 oz bottle this week!


Used fresh grated turmeric that I let soak in the half and half for a bit and added some dried as well. (Don't think one can have too much turmeric.) I let broccoli steam on top of my pasta while it cooked and added that to the mix. Fabulous!


Is Trader Joe’s a trusted source? Love this recipe for a Monday....


Absolutely delicious. I did add 3 large shrimps per person at the end. Just for the looks! I assume that it will be great with roasted cauliflower. I will try it next time. Otherwise, delicious as it is. Do not change anything.


Any suggestions for a replacement for the half and half? Something without dairy fat?


Delicious and easy, will definitely make again. As several have already said, will add even more turmeric next time. The next day, I tossed in a handful of peas; they perfectly complemented the dish’s slight saltiness, coming I suppose from all the parm.

M. Staley

Very easy to veganize: use olive oil instead of butter, nutritional yeast instead of parmesan (you don't need as much), and any plant milk for the half and half (add some arrowroot powder to thicken). I also would suggest brown rice spaghetti instead of regular pasta for those who cannot tolerate gluten. Just as creamy and delicious!


Delicious! Simple! Different taste! Definitely a keeper.Do all the prep, then cook the spaghetti, and after the spaghetti is done and drained, make the sauce. Tried to cook spaghetti and make the sauce at the same time, and it was too complicated. Definitely double the turmeric (3 tsp)Definitely use chivesDon't forget to save the spaghetti water.

Carol in Queens

Made this tonight to serve as a side with salmon. I had to lighten it up a little to make it Weight Watcher friendly, used only 1 oz of pasta per serving, augmented with a bunch of zucchini "noodles" - reduced the cheese, added nutritional yeast for "cheesy" flavor, and added Urfa chile at the end for 'zing'. Was very good! - Will make again for sure.


Wow! I thought I would like this but was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I used the chives to add a little more flavor which was such a lovely addition. I also added some 2% and used less half and half to reduce the calories a bit (still silky and delicious). A thicker spaghetti did a really good job of holding the sauce, I used Trader Joe's whole wheat spaghetti. Such a lovely and bright weeknight dinner!

Rick Stutzel

Followed the recipe. Added a pound of shrimp. Used farfalle instead of spaghetti.Excellent!


Very, very good! I veganized it: used oat milk and Trader Joe’s vegan parm. And about a Tbsp nutritional yeast. Threw some crushed red pepper into the pan while finishing everything.


Added some chile flakes for more color and a bit of a kick.


Did anyone have a cheese clumping issue?


Great & simple! After you add the pasta water in the last step, let it cook down for up to 10min for a creamy & smooth finish.


10/10 would make again. I read through the comments and doubled the turmeric along with roasting cauliflower and tossing it in at the end. Tonight's dinner was supposed to be chicken, but it came out of the freezer smelling off and this was an amazing pivot with ingredients I had on hand.


I made this with garlic and turmeric marinated chicken and served it with short pasta. It is now a favorite in my family.

Jay B

Was quite good, Turmeric gives it such a different taste from most pasta dishes

Allyson Adams

So easy and delicious!

Joe Allen

If we're going to talk about a source for spices, any large and busy Indian market has excellent turmeric and tons more options, and they will be fresh. And WAY cheaper than Penzey's.


Very nice and easy. Splash on the pepper. Added some pencil thin asparagus for color.Delicious.


Nice!! Topped with toasted nuts and seeds, Aleppo pepper and a drizzle of EV rapeseed oil. Added sliced cavalo Nero to the pasta for last minute or so.


Any hints on how to ensure that the sauce stays creamy? I whisked in the Parm, then added the pasta and water on top, but the entire Parm/turmeric mixture got chunky instead of creamy. And the water didn’t blend with the sauce at all.It was still tasty, but a tough presentation to explain to my kiddos!


Based on the 5***** reviews, I made this recently for guests and was VERY underwhelmed. Following several suggestions in the notes, I did nearly double the turmeric and I think that was a mistake. Noodles were oddly flavorless and my turmeric was not old...I was left with a ton of leftovers, so I made a spicy Asian peanut sauce to mix into them (using a "cold sesame noodles" recipe) and that is quite good :-)

Lori, Victoria, BC

I added shiitake mushrooms to the pan with 1/2 butter (just regular salted) and 1/2 olive oil before I added the shallots and garlic, followed the directions in the recipe, except I only had a very little bit of Parmesan, so as suggested by others I added some nutritional yeast to up the flavour a bit. It made a lot for one person, but I am sure leftovers will be good too. An easy weekday dish to make.

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Creamy Turmeric Pasta Recipe (2024)


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