Converted Shipping Container Homes For Sale UK (2024)

Design your dream home with Universal Containers. We construct customised shipping container homes using repurposed containers as the structural foundation.

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Converted Shipping Container Homes For Sale UK (1)

About Shipping Container Homes

Our architectural team works with you to design a home that’s tailored perfectly to your lifestyle needs. We handle the engineering, combining and modifying containers as needed, then complete the buildout with all the features and finishes of a conventional house.

With creative fabrication, shipping containers can be stacked and expanded into sprawling multi-story homes with ample space and modern luxury. The possibilities are truly endless. We optimize the plans for livability and your family’s needs.

Container homes are budget-friendly, eco-conscious and faster to build than standard construction. You get a durable, disaster-proof home at a fraction of the typical cost and build time.

Let Universal Containers make your dream home vision a reality with an expertly crafted shipping container house. Contact us today to start bringing your plans to life!

Benefits of a Container Home

  • Completely custom home design
  • Fast turnaround and cost savings
  • Sustainable construction
  • Resilient structure built to last
  • Creative, expansive layouts

With over 40 years of experience, our team has the expertise to construct your perfect shipping container home. Reach out and let’s create your ideal living space!

Looking for a completely custom solution?

We have a wide range of base containers that can be customised to your needs, however we realise that sometimes you need something completely ‘Outside the box’.

Contact us and one of our experts will be in touch to help design the container of your dreams

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    Converted Shipping Container Homes For Sale UK (2)

    Twist Locks – Stacking Pins

    Starting from£30.00 ex. VAT£36.00 inc. VAT

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    Converted Shipping Container Homes For Sale UK (3)

    Retainer Catch

    Starting from£3.65 ex. VAT£4.38 inc. VAT

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    Converted Shipping Container Homes For Sale UK (4)

    Lock Box (weld on)

    Starting from£25.00 ex. VAT£30.00 inc. VAT

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    Converted Shipping Container Homes For Sale UK (5)

    Bridge Clamps

    Starting from£29.00 ex. VAT£34.80 inc. VAT

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    Our containers in action

    See some of the ways our amazing customers are using their containers.

    Case Studies

    In the pursuit of enhancing their museum and workshop facility, the Locomotive Society sought a creative solution to provide a welcoming space for their members, while adhering to the historical aesthetic of their railway centric environment.

    Case Studies

    Case Study: Garden Center

    Universal Containers embarked on an exciting project to enhance a garden centre’s retail experience by supplying and customising two shipping container cabins. The goal was to seamlessly link these cabins on-site and transform them into a vibrant and functional gift shop.

    Case Studies

    Case Study: Outdoor Catering Unit

    A restaurant had been operating successfully for several years. However, due to increasing demand and limited space within the restaurant premises, the owners decided to expand their operations by introducing an outdoor catering unit.

    Case Studies

    Case Study: Shipping Container Ticket Office

    The local rugby club had been using a small, outdated ticket booth that no longer met their needs. The club’s management sought a more efficient and visually appealing solution that could accommodate their growing fan base.

    Case Studies

    Case Study: Chemical Store Shipping Container Conversion

    The client, an Industrial Chemical Storage Company specialising in chemical production and storage, faced the challenge of storing hazardous chemicals on their premises while adhering to stringent health and safety regulations.


    Dropside Shipping Container Conversion

    Universal Containers take pride in continually pushing the boundaries in product development within the shipping container industry.

    32ft × 10ft Stacked Cabins

    These 2 large 32x10ft cabins were built for a British transport company. They requested a large space to act as a welfare facility for drivers and staff in the peak district. Due to the customer’s specific requirements, one unit was not large enough so we suggested 2 units, however floor space was an issue on-siteContinue reading “32ft × 10ft Stacked Cabins”


    32×10 Green Office

    This particular office unit was completed for a North-West-based container hire company.

    20×10 Gas Bottle Store

    Custom Built Atex Coshh store for storing gas bottles. This unit was custom built with corrugated steel panels 20ft long x 10ft wide. It had a fully ventilated floor from galvanised steel mesh, as well as 4 aluminium louver vents in the walls. We also fitted galvanised box section racks with chains on to holdContinue reading “20×10 Gas Bottle Store”

    Corrugated 32×10 Office / Store room

    Corrugated steel cabin 32ft x 10ft with adjustable jacklegs anti vandal steel personnel door and anti-vandal aluminium sliding windows in steel shutters. Painted externally in non-corrosive container paint in a vibrant red. Internally with walls where lined in a cost-effective melamine faced chipboard and fully insulated throughout in Rockwool. The floor had hard wearing vinylContinue reading “Corrugated 32×10 Office / Store room”

    20ft Multi-Bay Unit

    Standard shipping container transformed into a bespoke storage unit. With multiple purposes across many industries. For example, self-storage companies or engineering companies for members of staff to lock tools away when not in use. The unit was split evenly into 8 small rooms approximately 5ftx4ft each by steel partition walls for security. Each room withContinue reading “20ft Multi-Bay Unit”

    10ft Generator Housing Container

    10ft container conversion for an off-grid company custom built to house a very large generator. The customer wanted a unit with multiple apertures and louver vents to allow for ventilation, they wanted all openings to have cover hoods to help stop water coming in. The Universal CAD team had a meeting with the client toContinue reading “10ft Generator Housing Container”

    Site Accommodation

    40ft × 12ft Truck Stop Shower Unit

    This 40ft x 12ft custom built flat panel cabin was a container conversion project completed for Eddie Stobart’s site.

    Site Accommodation

    Are Shipping Containers the Solution to Homelessness?

    Within today’s economic climate, many of us face struggles surrounding our finances.

    Cladded Container Bar

    A simple 20ft container converted for a customer who needed a unit for 2 uses, sometimes required as just a basic store. Then sometimes they wanted to use it for an office space. So we fitted 2 windows with steel security shutters and fitted an anti-vandal steel personnel door for easier access, especially when beingContinue reading “Cladded Container Bar”

    20ft Cladded Store

    Storage container for Sliver cross baby in Skipton, our client wanted a cladded container to be used to store stock in there Skipton depot. As the unit was cladded externally in high graded larch cladding, we used a used 20ft container to help keep the cost down (as the container condition wouldn’t be seen) toContinue reading “20ft Cladded Store”

    More Inspiration

    Don’t just take our word for it

    Find out why our customers love us and our products

    David Ewing

    Hi, we went to Universal containers to purchase 240 foot containers. I would highly recommend going to Universal containers. They are so helpful thank you. Stephen Woolley The delivery was very quick as well I would highly recommend Universal containers

    Richard Irwin

    Great company to deal with, if you are looking for a container I wouldn't go anywhere else. Stephen made the purchase so easy, enormous selection of stock to choose from and great communication. I know we will be buying more containers from Universal.

    Anna Victoria

    Absolutely fantastic company and staff. Fantastic customer service, company planned logistics start to finish which was a huge relief. Delivery of the container was smooth and stress free. Thank you Universal Container Services! Highly recommended, 5 stars!

    Katy Anna Laura

    A fantastic service from Andy, Pauline and the team. They have been great from start to finish, can't fault the communication and support getting this container to us and into a tricky place. Were so pleased to get quality container, a huge help at the rescue

    Stephen Leung

    Super pleased with this installation .. liaised with Andy, top bloke, and got everything sorted perfectly. All level and positioned just where we need them. Each of the units are so well made and the fitment of those doors are just so well executed, like Fort Knox!!!I cannot express how happy I am with this. I will definitely use these guys again on other sites.

    David McDaid

    Received 6 one trip shipping containers from Universal Containers of Manchester.Professional and friendly service throughout and delivered at my convenience.To top it off, they gave me the best price around.

    Arty Gardener

    The process was made really easy and straightforward and Steven was helpful over the phone unlike other companies whose websites are confusing. Many thanks looking forward to delivery. Our other container at the Glue Garden is great

    Stephen Taylor

    Excellent service, I've purchased multiple containers now, Colin Redmond has made the process nice and easy for us, with no hassle he has gone above and beyond to get exactly what we needed.


    I purchased two 20 foot containers fully insulated with an 18 foot shutter door. The delivery driver was very efficient, placed the units exactly where they were required. The man assembling the units was quick, kept everything clean and did a very good job. I would have no problem in recommending Universal Containers to anybody. If the needs should arise i would most certainly use them again. Very good job, many thanks.J JacquesMD

    Aerial Platforms

    We recently got in touch with Universal Containers Services as we were looking to stack two of our cabins on top of each other and needed a staircase and landing to access the upper cabin.The service Andy Rushton and the team provided throughout was second to none and we were really impressed with the quality of the finished job. Nothing we asked was too much for him and he went out of his way to give us a great service!Would highly recommend...

    Google rating score: 4.8 of 5, based on 338 reviews

    Converted Shipping Container Homes For Sale UK (2024)


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