20+ BEST Ube Recipes (2024)

by Erin

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Ube, also known as purple yam, is a delicious and versatile ingredient that can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, from sweet to savory. It has a unique flavor that is both nutty and sweet, and its vibrant purple color makes it a visually appealing addition to any meal. Here’s 20+ tasty ube recipes to try out!

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (1)

Ube lends the prettiest violet hue to your cooking and baking! But how do you use it?

Here’s some tips for using ube in your cooking:

  • Ube can be found fresh, frozen, or dried in most Asian grocery stores.
  • If you’re using fresh ube, be sure to peel it and cut it into cubes before cooking.
  • Ube can be steamed, boiled, or roasted.
  • Once cooked, ube can be mashed, puréed, or diced.
  • Ube has a natural sweetness, so you may not need to add much additional sugar to your recipes.
  • Ube can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Ube is a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start using ube in your cooking today!

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The BEST Ube Recipes


20+ BEST Ube Recipes (2)

Yes, it is possible to make ube ice cream successfully at home! Using an ice cream maker, this ube ice cream recipe is creamy and so good.

Get the RECIPE from Cooking Therapy

Ube Ice Cream

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (3)

This moist and fluffy cake is made with ube halaya and topped with a creamy ube frosting. It's the perfect dessert for any special occasion.

Get the RECIPE from Hummingbird High

Ube Cake

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (4)

This ube basque cheesecake combines Filipino and Spanish flavors. Flavored with ube halaya and ube extract, this is one of the best cheesecakes you will ever taste.

Get the RECIPE from Cooking Therapy

Ube Basque Cheesecake

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (5)

Soft and fudgy ube brownies studded with white chocolate.

Get the RECIPE from Catherine Zhang

Ube Brownies

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (6)

A fragrant ube dough is marbled with a classic vanilla dough for a vibrant cookie that is unlike any other.

Get the RECIPE from Constellation Inspiration

Marbled Ube Cookies

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (7)

Made with ube halaya, brown sugar, and cinnamon, these ube cinnamon rolls are the perfect sweet breakfast that are not too sweet.

Get the RECIPE from Cooking Therapy

Ube Cinnamon Rolls

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (8)

Ube halaya is a sweet and delicious Filipino dessert, and it’s not hard to see why it’s popular! Make it from scratch for a better tasting purple yam jam!

Get the RECIPE from The Flavor Bender

Ube Halaya

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (9)

This soft and fluffy ube chiffon cake is flavored by a mixture of dehydrated purple yam powder, ube halaya, and coconut milk.

Get the RECIPE from The Little Epicurean

Ube Chiffon Cake

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (10)

This ube waffle is extraordinary with its ultra chewy, mochi-like centers with a light and crispy crust–let’s not even get started on the sweet and nutty flavor of this traditional Filipino purple yam.

Get the RECIPE from Hungry Huy

Ube Waffles

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (11)

Soft and airy chiffon cake topped with a thin layer of milk custard flan, this Ube Flan cake is a delicious combination of two luscious desserts!

Get the RECIPE from Woman Scribbles

Ube Flan Cake

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (12)

This creamy ube cheesecake is made with an oreo cookie crust and coconut whipped cream on top. It’s full of purple yam and coconut flavour!

Get the RECIPE from Teak and Thyme

Ube Cheesecake

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (13)

These easy Ube Cheesecake Bars are SO delicious! It has a crispy graham cracker crust, luscious cheesecake batter, & beautiful ube swirl topping. It’s a showstopper dessert!

Get the RECIPE from Balance with Jess

Ube Cheesecake Bars

20+ BEST Ube Recipes (14)

This deliciously stunning pie features an ube and coconut cream filling in a chocolate cookie crust, and is topped with fresh whipped cream.

Get the RECIPE from Love and Olive Oil

Ube & Coconut Cream Pie

    Savory Dishes

    20+ BEST Ube Recipes (15)

    Chickpea-free hummus made with a simple mixture of sweet potato, tahini, and spices. Perfect for a a fun snack, appetizer, breakfast, or light meal.

    Get the RECIPE from Flora & Vino

    Ube Toast

    20+ BEST Ube Recipes (16)

    Cosy up to a bowl of this colourful purple yam soup prepared with fresh ube, coconut milk and ginger. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and ready in 30 minutes!

    Get the RECIPE from Foodaciously

    Ube Soup

    20+ BEST Ube Recipes (17)

    This ube pandesal recipe is absolutely delicious! Give the classic Filipino breakfast staple an exciting and delicious twist with the new ube cheese pandesal with ube halaya!

    Get the RECIPE from Aubrey's Kitchen

    Ube Pandesal

    20+ BEST Ube Recipes (18)

    These savory pastries are perfect for a party or potluck.

    Get the RECIPE from Junbelen.com

    Ube Empanadas

    20+ BEST Ube Recipes (19)

    These Purple Sweet Potato Pasta are eye-catching and a sublime game changer to your lunch or dinner!

    Get the RECIPE from Suncore Foods

    Ube Pasta

    20+ BEST Ube Recipes (20)

    This beautiful purple ube hummus is as delicious as it looks. It’s vegan and gluten free, and very simple to make!

    Get the RECIPE from Cooking by Laptop

    Ube Hummus


      20+ BEST Ube Recipes (21)

      Ube latte is a sweet delicious mixture of espresso, ube flavoring, and sweetened condensed coconut milk. Try it iced or serve warm.

      Get the RECIPE from The Little Epicurean

      Iced Ube Latte

      20+ BEST Ube Recipes (22)

      This ube milkshake takes less than 10 minutes with only 4 ingredients. Also included are tips on how to make the perfect milkshake!

      Get the RECIPE from Cooking Therapy

      Ube Milkshake

      20+ BEST Ube Recipes (23)

      Ube Horchata, a delicious fusion of Asian & Mexican flavors.

      Get the RECIPE from FOOD is Four Letter Word

      Ube Horchata

      20+ BEST Ube Recipes (24)

      Sweet, creamy and vibrant, this Ube Milk Tea is a refreshing drink, perfect for summer! Add tapioca pearls to make delicious Ube Bubble Tea!

      Get the RECIPE from The Flavor Bender

      Ube Milk Tea

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      20+ BEST Ube Recipes (25)

      20+ Ube Recipes (Sweet & Savory)

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      20+ BEST Ube Recipes (2024)


      What flavors go best with ube? ›

      Ube tastes mildly sweet (but sweeter than taro and a sweet potato), with a nutty flavor, and is a bit like a vanilla baked good. That's why it's commonly paired with coconut and white chocolate in desserts.

      What is the difference between Taro and ube? ›

      While they both have a similar taste and are often used in sweet dishes, they differ in texture and nutritional value. Taro is earthy and starchy, and is a great choice for savory dishes, while ube has a distinct and sweet flavor, making it perfect for desserts.

      What is the difference between ube and purple yam? ›

      Ube is often mistaken for a purple sweet potato because of its violet flesh, but the two are not the same. The difference between ube and purple sweet potato is that ube is a yam instead of a sweet potato.

      Why is ube so popular in Hawaii? ›

      Ube likely first arrived in Hawai'i with the sakadas, Filipino migrant workers who came to the islands starting in the early 1900s to work on the growing cane and pineapple plantations; Barbosa's own great-grandparents were sakadas, and her paternal grandmother was born on O'ahu in 1921.

      What is the original flavor of ube? ›

      Even though ube and purple sweet potatoes share a sweet, earthy taste, ube has a distinctively nuttier, vanilla-like flavor. In addition to their differences in taste, ube is more moist than sweet potatoes, which tend to be drier in texture.

      Why is ube so delicious? ›

      Ube, meaning tuber in Tagalog, is a purple yam originally from the Philippines. Different than the purple sweet potato, it has an even sweeter, more mellow taste than its orange relative.

      Which is healthier taro or ube? ›

      Ube has high levels of vitamins A and C, as well as lots of potassium, similar to potatoes. Taro is exceptionally high in fiber, with about 25% of your daily recommendation in just one serving. It's also extremely high in manganese, vitamin B6, and potassium.

      What is the English name for ube? ›

      Ube is Tagalog – the national language of the Philippines – for the purple yam native to Southeast Asia that has since been naturalized in South America, Africa, Australia, and the southeastern United States. It is also known as the “winged” or “water” yam in English.

      Is Japanese purple yam the same as ube? ›

      For the uninitiated, ube (pronounced ooh-bae) is a starchy vegetable also as known as a purple yam. But it is not the same as purple sweet potatoes, though they are similar and can be substituted in recipes. Ube is often confused with Stokes Purple sweet potatoes or Okinawan sweet potatoes which are also purple.

      How do the Japanese eat purple sweet potatoes? ›

      Okinawans typically serve sweet potatoes steamed, which perfectly renders their creamy texture and sweet flavor. The best places to find purple sweet potatoes are Asian markets, but they are also sold through many online grocers.

      Is Okinawan sweet potato the same as ube? ›

      Ube is very similar to Okinawan sweet potato (which is actually native to the United States) — both have the same color skin (though some Okinawan sweet potatoes have light-colored skin) and a bright purple flesh, but ube tend to have darker skin.

      Is ube good for diabetics? ›

      Studies suggest that ube may have a role to play in blood sugar management. The presence of flavonoids in ube might contribute to regulating blood sugar levels, potentially benefiting individuals with type 2 diabetes.

      Can you buy ube in the USA? ›

      Although a lot of the ube craze in America began at Trader Joe's, especially for buyers who have never heard of the Filipino yam, diving into the flavor doesn't have to end at that particular grocery chain.

      Do Filipinos eat ube? ›

      Originating from the Philippines, ube is a starchy root vegetable that belongs to the yam family. You may be familiar with its close cousin, the sweet potato. Ube is a deep royal purple, and has long been the crown on top of the Philippines' national dessert – halo-halo.

      Is ube Hawaiian or Filipino? ›

      Today, ube is especially prevalent in Hawai'i, even though the yam and its most well-known halaya recipe are originally native to the Philippines.

      What pairs well with ube ice cream? ›

      I like to sprinkle some coconut brittle on top of my purple yam ice cream, because that crunch is such a lovely contrast to the creamy ice cream texture. Plus the coconut flavor perfectly complements the ube flavor as well!

      What do you use ube flavor for? ›

      While ube is used in both sweet and savory dishes, Besa said that it's primarily used in sweet recipes. Ube halaya, or ube jam, is often used in desserts like halo-halo (Filipino shaved ice) or added to pies and ice cream, which you can often find at Purple Yam.

      How is ube traditionally eaten? ›

      Ube is used widely in Filipino desserts and baked goods, from chiffon cake to cheese-filled pandesal. It tastes earthy and sweet with notes of vanilla, pistachio and coconut, which works beautifully in all sorts of dishes.

      Where is ube most popular? ›

      It has been a staple ingredient in Filipino cuisine for centuries, most often in desserts such as ube halaya (a kind of sweet jam made with ube), and halo-halo (the national dessert of the Philippines, made of ube, crushed ice, and other toppings).


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